Friday, August 12, 2011

Money-Making Site Additions - Content on Your Site

Friday, August 12, 2011
To make sure you’re getting the most from the content you have on your site, you want to optimize your words for the search engines. Commonly known as SEO, this process simply makes it easier (and more likely) for search engines to find your site. The more strong keywords you have, the more likely it is that your site will appear near the top of that list of results. Know what keywords you want to focus on for each piece of content you write (be it a blog post, article, short story, whatever), and make sure those keywords appear several times within the content. You also want to have keywords in all titles, subtitles and in the first sentence of the piece itself. This will help optimize content, which in turn helps you get the traffic you crave.

Making Money with Site Additions

It is certainly possible to earn income using site additions such as pay-per-click ads and affiliate programs, and in fact it’s likely you’ll see some sort of revenue just because you’ve signed up for these little extras. But you will definitely earn more income if your site offers very strong, traffic-generating content -- and a lot of it. Having more content helps create more traffic, but it also helps create more ads. The more keywords you’re using, the more opportunities your affiliated advertisers will have to take advantage by placing ads. This increases the chances of your traffic clicking on those ads, therefore feeding into your whole money-making plan. More content equals more traffic and more ads. More traffic and more ads means more money. What’s wrong with that?

Adding more affiliate programs and pay-per-click agreements to your site may not always be the best way to boost revenue if you‘re looking for ways to increase online profits. Consider adding more quality content instead, and you’ll be pleasantly pleased with the results.


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